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The RACI Platform 6 key modules

  • RACI Charting

  • Business Analytics

  • Job Description Creator

  • RACI Project Manager

  • RACI Draw

  • RACI Shop

RACI.com is a cloud based solutions platform focusing on Change Management and Business efficiency. The tools developed are focused on providing insight and demonstrable solutions to businesses looking to further develop their management teams and create greater profitability in all areas of their Business. RACI.com has been built from tools utilised across many businesses including those the size of Tesco in the UK with over 400,000 employees across the world. 
Please take the time to evaluate te different methodologies within RACI.com and remember what you focus on is what you get.      




Business Analytics

Business Analytics highlights what’s good and what needs improvement in any business.
The 10 Key success factors are based on business risk and value drivers similar to those used in the financial industry as part of the business valuation process. RACI Business Analytics focuses  on 68 question and responses covering 10 key business Success Factors which provide a color coded graphical analysis of Business weaknesses in need of improvement.

The best way to utilize Business Analytics is to engage the business owner or key management to individually complete the questionnaire. The analysis provides business insight from several vantage points and engages the participants in areas of the business they have not thought of for many years.   
Save and print each assessment and compare results with the executive team and they will find that their assessments vary greatly. 
This is a great reason to get the team around the table and discuss results the team will be amazed at the answers provided by other team members. 


  • Better understanding of how each department is operating from each managers vantage point 
  • Consensus on the areas of the business that are not operating as good as that manager may think it is
  • Better, communication, collaboration and strategies can be derived from these discussions 
  • Run the assessment again 6-12 months later and see what has changes and what areas of the business need more work


RACI Charting

RACI is an acronym for Responsible, Accountable, Consult and Inform

The RACI tool in invaluable for Business Coach - HR Manager – Accountants - Financial planners and Change Manager

RACI is utilised across an organisation to: 
  • Define and document key role accountabilities within the organisational Structure.
  • Analysing and documenting key responsibilities within each position.
  • To assist in the development of Position Descriptions
  • Project Management
  • Other benefits of the RACI tool.
  • Project Management – Allows for flexibility in matrix management situations whilst still ensuring balance between line and project management accountabilities.
  • It ensures that tasks get done.
  • Workload Analysis – Overloads against individuals and departments can be identified quickly
  • Employee Turnover – Allows a newcomer to quickly identify their roles and responsibilities and allows duties to be easily identified and redistributed into other areas
  • Training – Activities and tasks that have been ignored can be re-emphasised including the enabling of a focused training effort where necessary
  • Documentation of Procedures – The output from RACI is a simple yet powerful method of documenting and communicating roles and responsibilities
  • Conflict Resolution – Provides a forum for discussing and resolving interdepartmental conflict and improved teamwork


Job Description Creator 

PD Creator is a valuable tool for the HR department allowing the team to create pre-formatted professional Position Descriptions for employees within minutes.  PD Creator has a look up data base of over 4500 positions from a street sweeper to a company CEO. Job Descriptions or Position Descriptions are one of the most important sets of documents for any business. It is a statement to clearly identify and explain why a job exists, the purpose of the job and the conditions under which a job is performed.

The steps are simple 
  • One click document create
  • Upload your company logo
  • Add Company name
  • Add Document reference
  • Position Objective is pre-loaded
  • Key selection Criteria is pre-Loaded
  • Qualifications, Knowledge Skills and Experience are pre-loaded
  • Essential duties and responsibilities are pre-loaded
  • 17 pre-loaded fully editable competency fields 
  • Save document and print as PDF or download

Test out PD Creator by taking advantage of our 30 free trial ( no credit card details required) 


Project Manager 

RACI Project Manager is a suite of Project Management components & extensions which are fully configurable to meet your business needs. 

The Project platform is widely used by small businesses, governmental institutions, political parties and non-profit organizations

Project Manager Features include:

  • Unlimited Projects capability
  • Time sensitive Milestones
  • Tasks and Task Lists
  • Gantt Chart
  • File Repository and Attachments
  • Time Tracking
  • Email Notifications and more

Check out our YouTube channel for tutorials on RACI Project Manager



RACI Draw 

  • RACI Draw is a cloud based diagramming tool.
  • It is a low cost easy way to produce a variety of Business diagrams including Organisational Charts, Flow Charts, Swim Lanes, templates and much more.
  • With specialised features to help you draw informative and professional diagrams faster without the need of expensive software.
  • Work with clients and colleagues where ever you are.
  • Visualize your ideas with amazing ease.

Check out our RACI Draw Tutorial on our YouTube channel






RACI Shop 

Many of the tools developed and utilised across the RACI platform are available unbranded and license free from the RACI shop.
When creating presentations it is important that you are able to put your brand on your work. Check out the RACI shop NOW! 

RACI Change Manager

The RACI Platform is an enabler for business and the tools hosted on the platform are a valuable resource for companies looking to improve business efficiency, employee engagement and an overall lift in profitability.

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