RACI Project

Simplifying Project Management with the RACI Model

Work smarter, not harder, with the right tools and strategies in place. RACI Project Manager is a suite of project management components and extensions which are fully configurable to meet your business needs. The platform is widely used by small businesses, governmental institutions, political parties and non-profit organisations


Project management features with RACI include:

  • Unlimited Projects capability
  • Time sensitive Milestones
  • Tasks and Task Lists
  • Forum
  • File Repository and Attachments
  • Time Tracking
  • Email Notifications and more


Benefits of this management solution


 Productivity :

Take project management to a new level with RACI, to increase productivity, improve your teamwork with collaborative task management, as well as monitoring the project’s status, progress and budgeted time. Invite clients and partners to collaborate within projects.

Intelligent Design:

Project management with RACI consists of many extensions working together.

youtube  RACI Project overview


Getting started with Dashboard - tablet and smartphone App view 

Available from the Google and Apple stores late October 2014

The RACI Project Dashboard - the Tablet and Smartphone application functions are displayed in the view below. Note that the Gantt chart view and features such as milestones are accessible in the PC and Tablet via a browser. 


Getting started with Dashboard - desktop view

The “Dashboard” is the centre of activity for the RACI Project Manager.
While free registration will provide access to RACI project management solution, you will be missing some features of the RACI Charting and Business Analytics.
The Dashboard shows the status of various fields and includes Quick access links to Project shortcuts plus the additional links to the Business analytics,
RACI charting, PD Creator and RACI Draw applications.
The Gantt Chart Gantt is displayed directly below the top menu bar and will display the message - “insufficient data to render Gantt chart” when a project and tasks have not yet been created.
Directly below the Gantt Chart are the “Quick Access” buttons. These provide easy access when using a tablet or smart phone.
Below the Quick access buttons you will find our quick help tutorials, project tasks and recent project activity and below this the calendar display.



youtube Creating a project

In order to create a project you must do so in the following order
1: Create users
2: Create a Client
3: Create a project
4: Create project Milestone (web browser only)
5: Create tasks and assign users to the tasks
6: Users can then create timesheets for each task to use as time tracking

youtube Step 1 Create users

Users make up the team for your project.
To create a new user, click on the user tab and click “add new”.
Fill in the user details including the user group, first name , last name, email and a username and password. When you click save the user will be sent their login details via email and once they login they can change their password by clicking on the Manage My Profile tab in the top left and right corner of the dashboard. Note: you can only have one person accountable for each task in project management using the RACI method.

add user


youtube Step 2 create a Client

a client can be an internal client such as a department within your company or an external client such as another business.
Click on the clients tab on the top menu.
You can add client name, website and other client details including documents relating to the client and project. Click save when done.



youtube Step 3 Create project

Click on the projects tab in the dashboard and click on new and fill in the fields provided. Firstly, fill in the project title and then click on the client tab to add an existing client you have entered or at this point you can also add a new one.
The next step is to create a project description with the edit tool and attach documentation and images as required.
Next enter the start and completion dates and choose whether to publish.
Next click on the details tab where you can add further details such as website email phone and image if you choose to do so.



youtube Step 4 Create Milestone

Choose a project, and pick a milestone title explaining why it is a milestone. (A milestone may be tied to a progress payment or signal the end of a particular part of the project). Create start and finish dates – these can be edited or updated if estimated times or tasks vary.



youtube Step 5 Create a Task

There are two ways to create tasks: one is within a milestone – within a project and the other is a task within the project. If within a milestone these tasks will need to be completed within the milestone's start and finish dates and the milestone won’t be reached unless the tasks have been completed within that milestone. Tasks within a project have their dates set within the project start and finish date and are not tied to a milestone. You can organise your project either way.
When creating a task, it will be necessary to complete the following steps:
Select the project you previously created
If a milestone has been set, select a milestone you want to attach the task to
Create a title for the task
In field below, you can chose to be artistic and build an elaborate page with the page builder, or simply add a paragraph that will provide the reader with enough information to carry out the task.
In the tabs below you can also upload documents and images



Other steps

The next steps are important, this is where you set the status Published, unpublished, Archived or trashed, where published means active and trashed means deleted.
You can then set the priority level according to importance of the task, mark as complete when the task is done
and Mark the percentage the task is complete,
Create a start and finish date for the task, but remember the task dates will be restricted by the project and milestone start and completion dates. In this example the Milestone starts on the 25th September and finishes on the 30th, no other dates will be active unless you extend the milestone completion date

Here you can enter an hourly rate for the type of work being carried out and provide an estimated effort in minutes, hours or days (see the popup balloons throughout the site).
Please ensure you save the task once all the fields are complete.

We will go back to the dashboard and see what has changed
You can now see the task in the Gantt chart, the quick access bar, the Time Task Level and in the Recent Activity section by clicking the arrows you can go forward and back in the activity time line.


RACI Change Manager

The RACI Platform is an enabler for business and the tools hosted on the platform are a valuable resource for companies looking to improve business efficiency, employee engagement and an overall lift in profitability.

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