RACI PD Creator

RACI is a significant and effective change management tool for implementation of change. Job descriptions or position descriptions are one of the most important sets of documents for any business. It is a statement to clearly identify and explain why a job exists, the purpose of the job and the conditions under which a job is performed.

The RACI PD Creator is an indispensable application for business owners, HR managers and change management professionals. The template driven job description building application provides access to a database over 4500 position descriptions and 200+ pre-loaded position descriptions. Combined with RACI charting a PD Creator enables the development of uniform and standardised job descriptions in an organisation.  

RACI PD Creator is a web menu driven Position Description application.  

RACI PD Creator features:

  • One click document create
  • Upload your company logo
  • Add Company name
  • Add Document reference
  • Pre-loaded Position Objective
  • Pre-loaded key selection Criteria
  • Pre-loaded Qualifications, Knowledge Skills and Experience
  • Pre-loaded Essential duties and responsibilities
  • 17 pre-loaded fully editable competency fields 
  • Save document and print as PDF or download
  • Save Document as new document
  • 4500 position description database 

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RACI Change Manager

The RACI Platform is an enabler for business and the tools hosted on the platform are a valuable resource for companies looking to improve business efficiency, employee engagement and an overall lift in profitability.

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