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 RACI Training is a consulting firm of RACI experts in the US that specializes in decision-making, accountability and change management. We have resources for learning and applying the RACI tool. We like to help and we're easy to talk to, so feel free to contact us if you have a question about implementing RACI.

Cassie teaches leaders and organizations how to design and implement successful change. She is a highly experienced organizational development consultant and executive coach. Trained at Yale, Penn and Wharton, Cassie has a pragmatic style, focusing on business and systems issues and practicing “project-based coaching” which supports leaders in accomplishing specific goals and objectives. She is an internationally recognized expert on the RACI project management tool.

 Channel 1 Creative Media is one of Australia's leading video production companies.

Specializing in Corporate Video Production, Channel 1 have been developing corporate videos, television commercials, web videos, company induction, information and training videos for some of Australia's leading organisations and government departments for over 20 years. Channel 1 have also been used for the post production of television shows such as Discover Downunder, What's Up Downunder, and Car Nuts.



CompanyLMS your training delivery partner

CompanyLMS is a feature rich hosted training and rewards management and delivery platform enabling organizations to deliver training and competency programs for organizations of any size. Companylms also includes features Branding, Sub-domain URL, course and training delivery, Employee management, questionnaire & quiz module and full administrative and permissions dashboard. CompanyLMS has been built ground up and is a proprietary platform developed on 3 core principles.
1. Intuitive and user friendly design and interface for both Administrator and Employee
2. If it doesn't add value it's not included
3. Reliability and continual improvement

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The CompanyLMS feature map

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RACI Change Manager

The RACI Platform is an enabler for business and the tools hosted on the platform are a valuable resource for companies looking to improve business efficiency, employee engagement and an overall lift in profitability.

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